Ayurvedic Health Consultations

Consultation in Ayurveda

Services as Health Consultant in Vancouver, B.C. and online in person.  

  • Counselling in nutrition, breathing habits and lifestyle, based on the principles of Ayurveda. 
  • You will learn techniques to help you adopt healthy habits, breathing techniques, find solutions to your issues, and create a healthier lifestyle for both body and mind.
  • The approach is holistic.  Depending on your needs, I will recommend a plan that will guide you towards achieving your goals.  
  • I work with the following tools: nutrition, diet and breathing exercises (pranayama), developing a lifestyle that is aligned with your own constitution; yoga and other forms of exercise; herbal supplementation and cleanses; and meditation, if and when you are ready for it.  
  • We will use a gradual approach: one step at a time, depending on your needs, done at your own rhythm.


$170 per consultation (60 minutes)

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Ayurveda: Live Well, Age Well

30 hour program - Spring 2023 - studio to be determined

This course is designed for beginners of all fields of life, as well as yoga teachers in training.  It gives you the opportunity to explore the foundations and the importance of keeping your doshas in balance. You will learn about the history, philosophy and principles of Ayurveda through the 5 elements, the cycles of life, the 3 doshas, agni, herbs, and more.  In this course you'll learn practices to return to optimal health and maintain balance for your body and your mind. 

You will also learn how to assess your own birth constitution as well as some of the sources of your imbalances.  You’ll have the opportunity to integrate balance through food, and discover the best diet  for your constitution.  In addition, I will invite you to practice other therapies like dinacharya, pranayama, asanas, which form part of an uplifting daily routine.


  • Basic History, Philosophy and Physiology of Ayurveda
  • Exploring your Prakriti and your Vikriti
  • The 6 tastes and a diet for each season
  • Dinacharya and optimal health
  • Pranayama and Asanas
  • Ojas and Rasayana: herbs and other therapies
  • Seasonal cleanse and Panchakarma

The fee for the 30-hour course is to be determined. The format is part time Monday to Friday from 11:00am-4:00pm. 

Ayurveda: Live Well, Age Well. Learn More

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