Vedic Meditation Instructor for Integrating Peace of Mind

Meditation will Allow You to Live Your Life Fully:

Nathalie is a traditionally trained and experienced Meditation Instructor. Vedic Meditation (Deep Meditation) is an effortless technique from an ancient body of knowledge known as the Veda. It is a non-religious practice. Like a supremely restful experience it essentially allows your body to eliminate deep-seated tension and fatigue. When our bodies experience overloads of stress, we lose our natural ability to be creative, healthy, and vital. This practice gives the gift of stability from within. It is a great tool to help you quit any unsustainable habits, improve your relationships, and increase overall health.

Allow your mind and its thoughts to become clear and more creative. With this Vedic meditation technique you can meditate anywhere you feel safe to close your eyes. This is important because the benefits of meditation have a long-term effect and are cumulative. A meditation practice that works is a meditation you will enjoy practicing daily.  The results of its practise support you into living your life fully!

Start a Deep Meditation Practise in a Private Setting supported by a Vedic Meditation Instructor:

You can learn meditation easily whether you consider yourself a beginner or not.  Let me help you build your own daily practise, so you can start enjoying the process and the benefits as soon as you begin.  Deep Meditation, through its natural and spontaneous practice, is a very effective tool. The practice of this Vedic Meditation has been proven through the ages and yet it suits today’s fast paced lifestyle and culture perfectly.
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Deep Meditation

Deep meditation is a technology of consciousness easy to learn, and practise. Natural and effortless, it does not involve controlling the mind or any other form of manipulation of awareness. This meditation does not require that you have any particular beliefs, study, or background, in order to learn, practise it, and attain great rewards.

In this course you'll learn how to allow your mind to refine its activity while your nervous system deeply relaxes.  This will bring you unlimited benefits at all levels.

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Ayurveda and Self-Care

As a preventive medicine, Ayurveda seeks to create and maintain health and longevity within the individual. It emphasizes defining each person’s prakriti and creating daily and periodic regimens to support that constitution and keep it in balance. The health routines focus on everything from diet and exercise to herbal therapies, massage, and meditation.

In this course and through private consultations you'll learn how to live in better harmony with the basic and intelligent laws of nature. This will help you to recognize the power of self-healing within you.

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