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Boost your Energy with a Spring Cleanse

Now is a great time to consider doing a simple Ayurvedic Cleanse, one of the best ways to protect your health and your wellbeing for the coming months and beyond.






An Ayurvedic cleanse supports the elimination of toxins from the body, increases energy and vitality, supports healthy weight management, relaxes the nervous system and calms the mind, helps to reestablish one’s natural state of balance, and promotes optimal health and wellbeing.

When gentle spring breezes start to blow, it’s time for spring cleaning — not only for your house but for your body too. Toxins tend to accumulate all year round, due to improper digestion and high levels of stress. Not to mention the chemicals in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the foods we eat. According to Ayurveda, toxic build-up can eventually manifest as a health disorder. And as we grow older, the body’s mechanisms for eliminating impurities tend to be less efficient, making it even more important to cleanse regularly.

This is especially important in the months of March and April. Why? When warmer spring temperatures melt the snow, impurities within your body also start to liquefy, flooding the microcirculatory channels that carry nutrients to the cells and waste away from the cells. When these essential channels get clogged, it can leave you feeling tired, sluggish, and toxic. A spring detox may be just what you need to feel fresh and energetic again.

The type of cleanse that I favor both for myself and my clients, which I recommend strongly, involves three phases: preparation, active cleansing and reintroduction. This structure helps to ease the body both in and out of it and takes up to nine days. The diet consists primarily of kitcheri and vegetables and is supported by detoxifying herbs. During the first phase of the process ghee is part of the diet in order to help pull fat-soluble toxins out of the cells. The whole process is done with ease, even if you are working, and can also be complemented by practices like self-massage with oil, as well as gentle sweating through exercises to help release imbalances held in the tissues in order to get optimal results.

Doing a cleanse gives the physiology a chance to detox, repair, and rejuvenate the tissues while rekindling the digestive fire throughout the body. There are many options when it comes to cleansing. The good news is I can help you with a complete plan for cleansing at home. Join my upcoming training AYURVEDA: FROM THEORY TO DAILY PRACTICE WITH NATHALIE KEILLER APR 17 – 21 as the Ayurvedic cleanse is an important part of it, or simply contact me for a personal consultation and I will customize the process for you and guide you through it.