Deep Meditation course

What you need to know

This course is offered on a one-on-one basis, live online, or in person in Vancouver B.C. either in private or in a small group.  You choose!

It consist of 6 to 9 meetings of 90 minutes each, the first one being the free introduction to the course.  The dates and times are planned based on your availabilities, usually during the introductory and preparatory meeting.  Check the date of the upcoming free intro here.

Course overview:

1st step: Introduction and Preparation - one meeting

Here you will learn the benefits, mechanics and origins of Deep Meditation.  There will be a personal interview at the end of this session.

2nd step: First meditation and course - three or four meetings

This component is given in four separate classes.  In the first meeting the technique is transmitted and the student will have his/her first meditation.  In the following three sessions the student will learn about the emotional, intellectual, and environmental aspects of his/her practice.

3rd step: Follow up and validation of the results

In this additional meeting, two weeks after the beginning of the practice, the student will receive support and feedback in order to maintain consistency in the practice.

The course, being offered either in private or as part of a group, has different pricing options that will be discussed during the intro.

This course is also offered on Zoom, on a one-on-one basis, wherever you are located on the planet. Contact me to set your first appointment and to inquire about the fee.